Ideal venue considerations for hosting a corporate event

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Selecting the perfect venue for a corporate event, meeting or training is crucial for any kind of corporation. The right venue is that place where the delegates are interested in the event and they are not averting their eyes from the speaker to the exit door. Let’s look at the factors that should be considered when choosing a venue for a corporate event.

  •  Information about the venue – When we arrive at a venue to gain knowledge about the pricing and to give the description of the event that will take place, we expect to receive the whole picture of all the costs that may occur. We should know about the venue fee, set-up or break-down fee, fees for linens, fees for food, cost of audiovisual equipment and the charge for Wi-Fi. Before finalizing the place, we should have all the answers to our questions about the venue. This information becomes vital for the overall success of the event hosted and can also result in long term favourable relationship with clients and employees.
  •  Space and layout – We need to judge the space of the place carefully so that it fits into our requirement. If there are extra rooms excluding the main conference hall, we should try to consider those as well because the delegates connect with each other in those spaces. We should select the space by keeping in mind the crowd we will invite to the event and if we are searching for outdoor space, we should always look for a garden or a deck where Wi-Fi would be available. In short, we should discuss our plans with the venue operator as he or she may suggest ways for accommodation. Moreover, having the choice of going ahead with wood look tiles or Vorwerk carpets must be made to have the right seating arrangement as you wish.
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  • Location, accessibility and parking – If the delegates we are inviting to our event are coming from out of town then we should select a formal venue which is close to the airport or any other kind of central transportation. We should check if there is an availability of a parking area or any other means of transport that could be arranged for the delegates coming from out of town. If the event is local then the venue’s location should be close to the office. Or at least be close to the public transport areas to be easily accessible.
  • Services and amenities – We should be aware of the fact that all venues do not offer the same quality of services and all sorts of amenities for events or meetings. If there are requirements for floral arrangements, audiovisual equipment, IT support services, staging, lighting, catering, décor for the event and maybe a plan for sightseeing especially for the guests, then we should find out if the venue that we are planning to select has all the amenities that we would be looking for. Basic amenities such as projector, remote-controlled TV, screens and boards for detailed meetings and finally a pantry and bathroom for convenience sakes. All these must be looked into before deciding and going ahead with a venue for your event.
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  • Atmosphere – If the ambience of the selected venue is in accordance with the theme of the event, then the decor could set a perfect mood for the event. We should always figure out the theme or motto of our events or meetings that will take place. If the event is all about creativity and bulletin bonds among the delegates, then the ambience should have a fun vibe to it. Consider having a venue with porcelain cladding to reflect well into the atmosphere of the event and make the clients and employees feel more welcome. As the tiling of an event can majorly contribute towards the vibe that is wished to be created. Same goes for the meetings which are held for serious matters then the ambience be professional.
  • Food and Beverage – Selecting the meals, snacks or refreshments is very important and this is the reason why we should always discuss the variety of foods that we will serve to our delegates with our venue operator in details. We should see if the venue has a sit-down or buffet-style, special food items like gluten-free foods, vegan or halal. We should also see if the meals are prepared in the place itself or pre-cooked meals are served. We should find out if the venue has their license for serving alcohol.

All these factors collectively help in deciding the impression of an event hosted, regardless of the purpose or the final result, the venue should leave a long-lasting impression. Clients would want to maintain prolonged relations with a company knowing that they are able to invest well towards an extravagant yet professional meeting venue whereas employees would be proud and motivated to work in a company that showcases the best of their capabilities to host events in such manner.


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