Running an Interior Design Agency

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One of the job descriptions of an interior designer is to create attractive and functional spaces. In space design, professionals send their portfolios to clients when they bid for projects. However, it’s not an easy task when the interior designer is running their agency without staff. It’s a demanding career because companies rely on interior designers to display their services, products, and business environment. Let’s share some methods that can help designers to run their agencies.

Offer Value-Added Services

Some consultants might advise young entrepreneurs to offer free interior design service initially. It might be better advice for experts to consider enormous discounts for clients. It’s understandable that every business person thinks about a large customer base and quality services. However, you can build a client base by offering value-added services. Instead of working for free because you are new in business, it’s more effective to provide a nominal price to clients. When you have interior design projects, be confident about the talent and skill of your team. Consequently, satisfied clients will say something positive if you render excellent services and affordable charges.

Create a Niche and Find Your Target Clients

Interior designing comes with a range of services, and experts can choose a niche. You’ll see plenty of opportunities for like home improvements, antique furniture refurbishing, faux painting, business logo designs, and restoration. The usual process of composition might be irrelevant. So, you should have an idea of what your type of interior business involves before setting it up. After choosing a niche, some quality research on that small segment of interior design might help. 

You don’t want to ruin any project for your potential customers. So, a reliable interior design professional should understand specific products that apply to that niche. Also, knowing the market size and your target clients can help to generate sales. Don’t lose focus of what your ideal client should be too.

Learn How to Get Estimates for Projects

Before you bid for any design project, the scope of work should be understood. Clients often use the cost of projects to determine who wins the contract. However, most of them emphasize the capacity to handle the project. You’ll need to get the essential elements that can help you to make accurate estimates. Don’t discourage your potential clients with services that demand high prices. When negotiations are not favourable; ask clients to source for materials, and pay for the human resources. Don’t forget that suspicions of poor quality might arise when your price is too low. So, you should be smart when considering estimates that can complete the project, and generate profit. If you need some extra assistance with this, or even just another opinion, network with other interior decorators from other states, such as Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth etc., you might learn something new from them.

Upgrade Your Skills

Enrolling for more interior design courses and getting certified is helpful. However, every training institute for designs might need specific requirements from enrollees. Usually, an upgrade of design skills prepares the expert for a license. A look at the curriculum of one of the leading design institute shows these courses.

  • Principles of Interior Design
  • Drafting of Contract Documents 
  • Practices and Administration 
  • Schematics and Development of Design 

It might be expensive to run an agency and attend individual courses in interior designs. However, there’s access to more business opportunities when you upgrade a skill. Also, there are regulating agencies that assess the practice of interior designers, architects, and decorators. You can offer more quality services if you have a baccalaureate degree and relevant certifications. It’s also a good idea to go and visit other creative agencies as well, get an idea of how things run in their office. If you are from Melbourne (for example), interior design offices in Sydney, might be a place to start, make a business trip out of it.

Have a Formidable Team

Hire a team of reliable workers that are passionate about interior designs. If you run an interior design agency from your home, you could get an outsourcing agent for your workforce. It might be cost-effective to pay on-demand workers than renting an office space. However, a formidable team can advertise your services with the words of their mouth. Since publicity is good for business, don’t forget to compile some fantastic Photos of your design projects.

You’ll need an online portfolio to convince clients that your agency has what it takes for to execute the project. In the interior design industry; the first impression is vital, and it starts from having a good website and business cards.


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