Pros & Cons of wearing Colour Contact Lenses

Colored Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are thin and curved films used as an alternative to eyeglasses or as an accessory. As it covers the center of the eye, it was perceived initially as quite an uncomfortable remedy. Through the years, its innovation and customization conformed to client preference. Now, the contact lenses we know are a lot thinner than paper, making them quite delicate. As Lenses have progressed, they have readily become available in a variety of different styles, with coloured contact lenses being the most popular. Solving eye problems was its ultimate purpose. But it also became a tool for people to reinvent themselves by projecting a different look with its varied colors and styles. 

 Why should one wear contacts for an evening look?
People decide on wearing contacts for an evening look with two concerns. Budget vs Benefits. Here are some common pros and cons to guide you.


1. It makes the eyes pop more.

It may be a cliche to consider that the eyes are the window to the soul. They can talk and express emotion effortlessly, not needing to say a word. People get captivated by the eye color as a person speaks. And a gaze in the middle of a crowd makes a person stand out. 

It gives you a renewed look.

There’s something about wearing contacts that is quite refreshing. It could change how people view your face, especially when the contact lens compliments your complexion. 

It helps people with eyewear to move freely.

Contact lenses are not only fashionable, but it is very convenient to wear. During parties, it is best to compliment your look by wearing contact lenses. Wearing eyeglass prevents you from having fun dancing, or it’s hard to match it with an elegant gown. 

4. There are so many color choices to consider.

Contact lenses can be used to match with your makeup or outfit on a night out. For example, if you’re wearing blue eye shadow, you can get a pair of blue contacts to match. There are so many options to choose from, which makes it fun to wear. It is also a way to get creative with and to that, it becomes a way of expression, personality, and mood.


1. The eyes tend to get dry.

Wearing contacts for long periods leads to this. Due to the oxygen getting restricted from entering the cornea, signs, and symptoms of orbital oxygen deprivation could give it an itchy and irritating feel. It can become even worse if the wearer did not bring any contact lens solution as a remedy.


2. Can cause irritation or damage if forgotten about.

After an eventful long night filled with alcoholic drinks, people can come home very tired and just go straight to bed as soon as they get home. If you’ve been wearing contact lenses all night you must take them out before you get into bed though. Leaving them in overnight could lead to eye infection, and come become a problem if this develops into a habit. As mentioned, contact lenses limit the oxygen and hydration our eyes need, decreasing their natural defense against the spread of bacteria.

Through the years, contact lenses have evolved into something that we all enjoy using. Contact lenses are fashionable. They emphasize the eyes more, making them more attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Further to this Contact Lenses act as a way for people with poor eyesight to have an alternative to normal eyeglasses. So that they can have options when they’re going out or if they just don’t like the look of glasses. As mentioned though, please practice the correct use of contacts to avoid eye infection or damage.



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