How you can use social media to grow your business

grow your business

Are you still wondering about the power of social media? Do you know what the benefits social media can have for your small business? Social media has over two billion users worldwide! 

…And did you know most of your customers are there? This is why social media is a very important part of your brand’s marketing strategy. That said, social media marketing is extra important for the businesses relying on mobile traffic – for example, those selling mobile phone accessories

Here are a few ways that you can use social media to expand your business:

  • Increase Quality Leads

Majority of businesses that are on social media are there to increase leads. The biggest advantage of using social media is to generate qualified leads via advanced targeting. This is how social media can help overcome that barrier, and to improve the quality of the leads coming into your small business. It is great to start your promotion on social media but for this, you need the type of content that is similar to the interests of your followers. If you are selling cool popsockets, for example, you want to make sure you reach younger social media audiences. 

Improve your search engine ranking

There is plenty of debate around this, but it seems that social media can improve your search engine rankings. The domain authority of your website will increase when the share rate of social media increases. This will lead to a more improved search engine ranking of your page. Quite often, the consumers are visiting your social media pages before going to your website, which helps them get a better understanding of the brand (before they go ahead and make a purchase). The more visits you get on your social media profile, the bigger boost your social media ranking will get. In turn, that will help your chances of getting placed amongst the top-ranked pages.

  • Drive Traffic

Most often, small businesses will use social media with the goal of increasing the traffic to their website. If you don’t have a presence among the social media platforms, then you are losing organically generated traffic. Your traffic is generated from a limited number of people that are following you. That’s why you need to expand your brand to bring in more traffic!

  • How do you generate traffic effectively?

For this you need to create a page on your selected social media platforms. Leverage those platforms and share customized content to each of them. Having an effective social media presence will encourage your followers to go through the lead funnels and reach the purchasing page. Ensure you have made the process effortless for people to share the content with the sharing buttons available on social media platforms. 

  • Keep a close eye on the Competitors

This may sound weird but social media is actually one of the best ways to watch your competitors. It gives you the chance to monitor and get inspired by their performances. You can see what they are posting and just how they are communicating with their followers. Social media platforms can also help you to learn from your competition. What is the reason for them doing better than you? Learn what strategies they are using, but ensure you don’t just copy them! Remember that what works for them might not work for you.

Social media is growing and as technology is getting better each and every year more and more features are showing up on social media. Frankly, you need to go where the rest of the population is – and right now that happens to be on social media. 


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