14 Green Ideas for Clinics

Responsible clinic owners of now are taking the time to consider sustainability and therefore are also proactive in working out methods to weave it in their enterprise. Having a need to look after patients and their wellbeing is a priority for clinics, and it is only natural to want to have a broader positive impact on the world around us.

In case you choose to adopt larger green options, your clinic may even win more than new clientele, encourage happier staff members, in addition, to saving money and in the long term! Listed below are 15 more eco-friendly alternatives to think about.

Begin With the Physical Construction

If you are lucky enough to begin building your clinic from the ground up, you can set eco-friendly remedies early on. For example, when opening a cosmetic clinic in Melbourne, you can choose sustainable and recycled building materials and select a building design that maximises the natural elements such as sunlight and garden design.

Count The Stars

Install eco-friendly appliances such as washing machines, kitchen microwaves and hot water systems. The more stars rated on the device, the more energy efficient it is. Saving electricity will make a difference to the planet as well as to your electricity bill.

Get Rid of Film

Contemplate digital radiography over traditional film-based X-rays that use poisonous chemicals and film that wind up in industrial waste. Choosing digital alternatives to mean that resources will be conserved as well as money saved.

Temperature Control

Air-conditioning and heating are necessary for the staff’s and customer’s comfort but is a huge consumer of electricity. Choose energy efficient heating and cooling systems instead of unreliable electrical heaters and install blinds and other weatherproofing techniques to minimise the need for heating and cooling.

Utilise Green Cleaning Products

Much like any practice, it’s essential to have clean and disinfected surroundings, and this also usually means using cleaning products that are safe to people and creatures but may kill undesirable pathogens. Switch to goods which don’t include harmful and dangerous disinfectants, and that are biodegradable. From kitchen washing liquid to equipment cleaning, choose earth-friendly products and minimise the use of disposable wipes and paper towels.

Go for Energy Efficient Lights

Contemplate LED lights that may reduce wasted energy by around 90 per cent and energy intake by about 70 per cent, by Renewable Energy Australia. They also don’t include toxic gases or chemicals or create ultra-violet (UV) radiation.

Get Involved With Larger Organisations

Get in contact with government businesses, like the NSW Energy Saving Scheme or the Victorian Energy Efficiency Goal (VEET) strategy, to pay or accept for energy efficiency applications inside your enterprise. You will not just save a pile of cash, but you might decrease greenhouse gas emissions hugely. A plastic surgeon in Melbourne who is conscious about the environment can get real credentials by affiliating with environmentally friendly schemes.

Sell Green Products

Clinics often sell products on site, for example, a skin doctor’s clinic may sell skincare and recommended products, ensure these products are sustainable as well as the products used in treatments such as skin peels. A vet clinic can stock various sustainable pet food products and accessories.

Ditch the Vehicle

In case you’ve got the space, build bicycle racks and showers to support employees to ride/walk to and from work. You will decrease the emissions from automobiles and have healthier, happier employees.

Consider the Furniture

Aim for recycled wood and natural fibres, prevent PVC and plastics which are not biodegradable and are created with fossil fuels. Re-purposing second-hand furniture is a great idea and can save money, sometimes a coat of paint or colour on some old furniture will make it look brand new again.

Engage the group

Ensure that staff know that sustainability is a priority and that they also put in efforts to be green. Your clinic is a team effort, and staff should have the same goals.

Reduce Printer Use

Lean towards digital tracking and scanning, allowing for improved monitoring of individual visits, appointments and healthcare documents. Online systems are not just more organised and convenient; they save on paper and other resources.


Invite staff to donate mugs, utensils and glasses to your kitchen rather than getting plastic or paper utensils and cups. For your waiting room, choose recycled or biodegradable paper cups for drinking water. Have readily available recycle bins in waiting rooms and well as staff areas so that recycling is made easy.

Keep Current

New green products and solutions are popping up all the time. Stay receptive to fresh ideas in the sustainable world. There could be a new technology or new ways to be environmentally conscious.

These are just a few of many eco-friendly options that may benefit your practice while protecting the environment. The end message is that being environmentally friendly is easy and brings many benefits as consumers become more conscious. Sustainability can be a huge selling point to potential clients, and you can feel right about having a positive difference.


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